People are waiting longer and longer than ever in America to say 'I do' these days. About six years later on average than 50 years ago.

But there is plenty of variance from state to state when it comes to the ages of brides and grooms.

Researchers with the Population Reference Bureau say the national average for the age at which women first don a wedding dress is 27.6, while across the country, men seem to marry at the median age of 29.5.

In South Dakota brides and grooms are among the youngest in the country. Women in the Mount Rushmore State get hitched around the age of 25.9; men around 27.5. Only brides in Utah (24.2), Idaho (24.9), Arkansas (25.4), Oklahoma (25.5), and Wyoming (25.7) are younger when they walk down the aisle. Grooms in only three other states Utah (26.2), Idaho (26.7), and Oklahoma (27.2), get married younger than South Dakota men.

When you combine the ages of brides and grooms Utah (25.2) and Idaho (25.8) are the only two states with an average age of under 26. Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island (30.2) are the only states where the average age exceeds 30.

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