We've been told that all we really need to survive are air and water, but let's face it, in order to truly live you need a whole lot more.

Like utilities.

Where in the world would we be without electricity, gas, water, internet, and cable?

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But more and more, those 'necessities' are coming at a premium price.

A recent AARP article, using data from Angi, shows that the average American household pays nearly $300 a month for utilities:

  • Natural gas: $14.17 per month
  • Water: $40.66
  • Internet/cable: $115.30
  • Electricity: $118.85

But customers in one Tri-State location are well below those numbers.

Iowans pay about $50 less per month. The $242.54 state average is the seventh-best in the United States.


  1. Utah: $205.28​
  2. Idaho:  $220.42
  3. Montana: $228.16 ​
  4. New Mexico: $228.36
  5. Nebraska: $232.00
  6. North Dakota: $238.17
  7. Iowa: $242.54
  8. Illinois $250.69
  9. Colorado $253.09
  10. Oregon $256.44

Customers in South Dakota and Minnesota pay more but are still below the national average.

In the Mount Rushmore State, the average bill for gas, water, electricity, and internet/cable is $262.24. In the North Star State, it's $257.34.

On the high end, 18 states pay more than $300 for utilities:


  1. Hawaii: $402.49​
  2. New Hampshire: $373.16
  3. Connecticut: $370.89 ​
  4. California: $348.60
  5. Alaska: $346.76
  6. Virginia: $340.77
  7. Mississippi; $336.58
  8. Massachusetts: $325.05
  9. Florida: $324.57
  10. Arizona: $321.38

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