The Sioux Falls City Council approved an increase in utility rates that would bring in $21 million in revenue to keep up with growth and infrastructure in the next three years.

Rodney Fitz approached the City Council on Tuesday (May 3, 2016) during their public input session as the topic was reviewed. Fitz said he represents 600 families with limited income who are renting. He claimed there would be a damaging effect on tenants, affecting the price of their rent.

Newly elected Council Member Theresa Stehly, who is yet to serve, addressed the existing council as a resident. She offered that more time would allow residents to review the proposed increases and when the new city council members are sworn in the issue could be revisited.

Council members all voiced their opinions. Kermit Staggers was the lone council member who opposed the increase.

The rate increase would mean on average electric bill would increase from roughly $52  to $61 per month, sewer rates increasing about $6 per month and water rates less than $2.

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