I ran across an interesting article the other day about how hotels today are scrambling to come up with ways to appeal to millennials. It's now all about the experience.

The article was in the Watertown, New York Daily Times. With millennials being such a tech-savvy generation hotels now have to make sure they offer the latest and greatest.

Research has shown that millennials are very social minded, they're on-line and connected like never before. So hotels are having adapt.

For example there's a new hotel in Chicago that just opened up called Hotel EMC2. Throughout the property guests can enjoy an "arts and science theme".

There's another hotel in Dallas called The Lorenzo that just opened up that features an ever-changing art show along with the rooms.

Hotels today are doing away with the dull beige rooms and going instead with vibrant and bold colors - colors where people want to take selfies and share them on-line.

Again, it's all about the experience.

Source: Watertown Daily Times


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