Since 2001, the Helpline Center has been assisting individuals through the uncertainties of life. Some uncertainties may be a simple question regarding a community resource, while others may be a complex issue such as struggling with thoughts of suicide.

As part of National 2-1-1 Day, the Helpline Center is celebrating the day by promoting and raising awareness of its free service. Also that day, 2-1-1 service will be launched in Brown County resulting in service being available to over 68% of South Dakota.

Through a simple phone call or text message residents are connected to community resources and support thanks to the assistance of the Helpline Center. Just last year, for example, Helpline received over 41-thousand phone and text messages.

Many of the requests were made in regards to local non-profit and government resources, such as where is the public landfill located to where is the local food pantry. Individuals are also able to access a database through

In addition to providing information and referral services, the 2-1-1 Helpline also provides listening and crisis-related support to individuals. In 2017, over 65-hundred people experiencing thoughts of suicide received assistance.

If you ever find yourself in a difficult situation, or simply have a question about where something is located, contact the Helpline Center anytime of the day or night by dialing 2-1-1 or you can text your zip code to 898211 to connect with a specialist.

Source: Helpline Center

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