One thing that Steel Panther is known for is an extreme show packed with fun and audience engagement. The hard rockers are making a long-awaited stop in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on June 6, 2021, as part of their Heavy Metal Rules tour. The venue? The one and only District located on the Empire Mall campus.

Tickets start at $37 and it is recommended to get them soon as Steel Panther has an impressive history of selling out concert venues worldwide.

“Get your party shoes on and get ready for the greatest concert you will hear about today. This is Steel Panther live and out of our cage in Los Angeles. You’re welcome America!! Unfortunately, the local government has informed us that it is totally ILLEGAL to attend this concert naked. They blamed Covid; so please STILL wear a mask when you’re around strangers!” ~ Steel Panther

Tickets go on sale this Friday, April 2 at 10:00 A.M. at

Steel Panther was formed in 2000 and is comprised of Michael Starr (lead singer), Satchel (guitarist), Lexxi Foxx (bass), and Stix Zadinia (drums). Hailing from Los Angeles, the epicenter for rock n’ roll in all its debauchery and glamour, Steel Panther has established themselves as the world’s premier party band, melding hard rock virtuosity with parody and criminally good looks. Steel Panther is a global phenomenon.

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Time to get our best 'glam metal' outfits ready for June 6. With songs such as Feel the Steel, Fat Girl (Thar She Blows), Balls Out, and, All You Can Eat, this will be one of the great shows of 2021.

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