I remember growing up in Minneapolis how I'd look forward to Halloween every year. What kind of costume was I going to wear? How far around the neighborhood would we go trick or treating? Trying to remember which houses gave out the FULL sized candy bars or a shiny 50 cent piece.

And after my trick or treating years were over, I even enjoyed staying home and helping mom pass out candy to the kids that would come to our house so I could see some of the costumes.

Then for many, many years, Halloween stopped being fun. I didn't like going out to the bars in costume (or anywhere in costume for that matter!) and the house parties I was invited to were costume-optional where very few got into the season.

All that changed over the past couple of years, as my group of friends that I talk about so much, REALLY embrace the season. The Halloween Bash is marked on the calendar a year in advance. We all know to not make other plans that weekend because it's always a great time and everyone comes in costume.

Thankfully my friends DO get into the season so much because they're the one's that came up with my costume this year: Werewolfman Jack. Part werewolf, part legendary DJ! I liked it because of very little makeup, a few small props, and gluing some hair to my face. But as you can see by some of the pictures below, they go ALL out!

The good news is, I have a year to come up with my costume for Halloween 2013!

So do you get dressed up for Halloween??