There's rarely a shortage of rumors surrounding Guns N' Roses, but every so often, something surfaces that looks like it could lead to actual news — and that seems to be the case with what appears to be a new promotional campaign teasing something related to the band's classic Appetite for Destruction LP.

As outlined by GNRCentral, the Universal Music Group — the parent company of Guns N' Roses' record label — has registered and published a new website at the URL GNR.FM. Initially the site simply featured the slogan "Destruction Is Coming" and links to the band's social media platforms below the hashtag #APPETITEFORDESTRUCTION.

UPDATE: However as of today (Tuesday, May 1), the site now has a countdown clock, which is set to hit zero at midnight ET on Friday, May 4. A radio transmission featuring the rarity "Shadow of Your Love" and a map with various cities across the world lit up has also been added - again, without further explanation.

In addition to the website, a billboard emblazoned with graphics of the band's Destruction-era lineup has been erected in the United Kingdom. Again, no comment has been issued by the band or any official representatives — but given the timing, it's fairly clear that something's up.

As for what that "something" might be, time has taught us that we won't know anything for sure until Guns N' Roses are good and ready to let the world know. While a full-fledged reunion of the Destruction lineup remains at the top of many fans' wish lists, it seems far more likely — particularly given the label's apparent involvement in the campaign — that there's an Appetite for Destruction reissue in the works. In the meantime, the group's wildly successful Not in This Lifetime tour continues; they're next scheduled to head to Europe for a series of summer dates that's set to begin June 3 in Berlin.



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