The Vietnam War was a 20-year attempt to stop the spread of communism throughout Asia. It began in 1955 and ended with the dramatic fall of Saigon on April 30, 1975.

It was a long, costly, and divisive war, in loss of life, monetary, and political terms. 282, 000 Americans and their allies lost their lives. Those who came home, often arrived to less than welcoming circumstances.

Over 27,000 South Dakotans served bravely in that long conflict and 210 of them gave their lives on the battlefields of that war.

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In honor of the valiant service of all South Dakota military personnel who served during the Vietnam War, Governor Kristi Noem, at the request of the South Dakota Department of Veteran's Affairs, has declared Monday, March 29, 2021, as Vietnam Veteran's Recognition Day.

South Dakota Secretary of the Department of Veteran's Affairs, Greg Whitlock said,

On this special day, we encourage our fellow Americans to join us in remembering and honoring those who served during the Vietnam War with the gratitude and respect that they deserve,"

For more information, contact the South Dakota Department of Veteran's Affairs, or call 605-773-8242.

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