Once you start driving around it doesn't take very long to see all the homes and businesses that were impacted by last weeks flooding here in the Sioux Empire.

One of the hardest hit businesses here in Sioux Falls was the YMCA Camp Leif Ericson. Understandably so, given the location of the camp right alongside the Big Sioux River.

As the flood waters began to crest last week, big-time problems begin to arise for the camp, even though they took precautions to help try to prevent damage.

Chances are, you probably saw some of the photos of the damage making their way around social media.

As YMCA Camp Leif Ericson camp director, Mike Murphy told KSFY TV, "This was a pretty devastating experience for us unfortunately. There was a lot of equipment, a lot of our activities that were submerged and obviously camper safety is our number one goal. So we want to make sure that everything is ready and prepared for them in the spring.”

According to KSFY, Murphy and his team are hopeful they will have everything at the camp back up and running by June, once the campers start arriving for the season.

The good news, the community has embraced the recovery efforts, as we always do when tragedies of this nature strike the Sioux Empire. KSFY reports that after being able to fully assess the flood damage, Murphy and his team at Camp Leif Ericson set up a GoFundMe page.

According to Murphy, the support so far has been overwhelming. Something he and his staff are extremely grateful for.

You can help donate to the YMCA Camp Leif Ericson flood recovery efforts here.

Source: KSFY TV

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