Weddings have been down-sized, postponed, or even cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A couple’s wedding day is supposed to be the "happiest day" of their lives.  But apparently, your wedding day may not be as jubilant as you envisioned if you get married in Sioux Falls or out west in Rapid City.

So if you want to have a happy event, avoid having a ceremony in South Dakota at all costs. This sentiment is based on a new survey from WalletHub.  Ahhh, just in time for Valentine's Day...

According to WalletHub, the personal finance website "compared more than 180 of the biggest U.S. cities across 20 key indicators of cost-effectiveness, convenience, and enjoyment."  On average, a person's wedding day costs approximately  $38,000.

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Based on WalletHub's findings, Rapid City is ranked #123 on the "2021's Best Places to Get Married" list.  Sioux Falls is sitting at...#168.  Again, this survey gathered data from over 180 of the biggest cities across the country.

Don't get me wrong: South Dakota, in general, is a very "cost-efficient" and affordable state. The price of the wedding is not the concern in the state of “Great Faces, Great Places!”  Sioux Falls and Rapid City are not-so couple-friendly when it comes to their facilities and services as well as safety. On the bright side, the bride and the groom will have a few extra dollars in their bank account when all is said and done!

Where are the best cities to tie the knot? Unfortunately, not anywhere in the Midwest.  The top five cities include Orlando (Flordia), Fayetteville (North Carolina), Austin (Texas), Portland (Oregon), and Charleston (West Virginia).

You can read the entire survey by clicking here.

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