Have you heard about Edeka? Probably not, unless you've traveled to, spent time in or are familiar with Germany. Edeka is the largest supermarket corporation in that country and their Christmas commercial this year is creating quite the hubbub!

Sweet little Grandpa spends one Christmas after another alone. The kids and grand-kids just can't seem to make it there. So he sadly shares his Christmas meals alone with his tree and his dog.

But Grandpa, who isn't as helpless as he appears, decides that there is a way to bring the whole family together. Of course it could take a miracle or maybe, a funeral. "A funeral" you say! Indeed it does. And, it works.

Now the conversation is swirling here and elsewhere, "is this appropriate, is this too over-the-top?" I think it's a great commercial with a message that is as clear-cut as can be. Make time for the people in your life who matter before time runs out!

But I'll let you decide.


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