There are many places across this great country of ours where you can get a great bowl of chili, but if you want to score the best one in the state of Iowa, you need to go to George the Chili King Drive-Inn in Des Moines.

This establishment has been serving people great food in Des Moines since 1952, and since it was featured on an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Drives, I had to check it out! Located just northwest of downtown Des Moines, this place serves up classic burgers, shakes in a retro diner atmosphere with carhops. There may have been only 8 stools at the counter and I counted 2 tables.

Items on the menu are really cheap but don't let that fool you, the quality of the food is phenomenal! So, of course, I had to order a bowl of chili just to see if George is the real deal and I'll I have to say is that it may be the best chili I have ever had!  Then I went with the tenderloin sandwich. It may not be the biggest in the state but it sure is the best! So the next time you happen to be visiting or going through Des Moines, I would highly recommend stopping at George the Chili King Drive-Inn, I mean hey, its got Guy Fieri stamp of approval and now me!

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