It was the fall of 1976 and everybody was asking one question. No, it wasn't 'Who Shot J.R.?' That would come a few years later).

The question was, 'Why is Oscar Madison looking at dead people?'

Jack Klugman was world famous as Oscar Madison on the classic TV comedy 'The Odd Couple', a role he played to perfection. As the slovenly unkempt sports writer forever hassled by his roommate Felix, we fell in love with good 'ol Oscar.

And then in October, 1976 Oscar was back. Except it wasn't Oscar, it was Quincy. Or, more particularly, Quincy M.E. Huh? A TV series about a medical examiner, a coroner, a guy who checks out corpses, performs autopsies? Well, this isn't gonna work!

Well, 8 seasons and 148 episodes later, turns out it worked plum fine. Jack Klugman, in my opinion, proved himself when of television's all-time great actors. Transforming himself from on of the most lovable slobs that made us laugh to one of television's most lovable professionals that made us think and would not stop until he uncovered the truth...well, not every actor can do that. But Jack did.

Check out one of the most memorable 'intros' in TV history.

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