Saturday night, April 22, the Marion Fire Department is hosting a fun night filled with laughs, good townsfolk, and yes...testicles. Commonly known as Rocky Mountain Oysters, or cowboy caviar, the dangling underside of a young bull is considered a delicacy in many parts of the world. And the Marion Fire Department is no stranger to cooking these bad boys up. It's an annual event held at the Marion Fire Hall.

It's the original sack lunch! Rocky Mountain Oysters are healthy too. A single bull testicle contains about 25 grams of protein and holds very little fat.

For those who are not adventurous enough to partake of these prairie oysters, pork loin sandwiches are also being served. And beer. So that's good. Beverages are available for all age groups.

If you want to send your youngsters out to play with friends, the Marion bowling alley will serve as a youth retreat for kids wanting to bowl.

It's a great fundraiser for the town's fire department and all are encouraged to come.

It’s that time of year!!! Join us Saturday April 22nd 6pm-11pm for our annual Fireman’s fun night! We will be serving usual, Rocky Mountain Oysters and Pork Sandwiches. Good food and plenty of laughs. Hope to see you there! ~ Marion Fire Department via Facebook

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