If you’re feeling a little grumpy today there may be a reason for that. Of course, if you are a Kansas City Chiefs fan or a New Orleans Saints fan you might be feeling a little extra grumpy today. But for the rest of us, there’s actually a scientific reason why we may be feeling a little down in the dumps.

The third Monday in January is known as Blue Monday.

It is called Blue Monday because science says it’s the most depressing day of the year. The winter blues are sinking in and here’s the harsh reality: there is a lot of blustery winter ahead of us yet. The holidays are over and the days are shorter and colder. Also, most people are feeling rather unmotivated having ditched their resolutions a week ago.

So what can I do to lift my mood? (Other than a Netflix binge?)

1. Exercise more, the experts will tell you. When people are feeling blue lace up your running shoes and get moving.

2. Everyday Health tells you to stick to a sleep routine with a regular sleep schedule. More rest means a happier you.

3. A tradition of 'Friendsgiving' is really taking off and now’s the time to plan one.

4. Book a mini-vacation to a climate where you can actually wear shorts and absorb those vitamins from the sun.

5.  Put one of those full spectrum light bulbs in your lamp to combat seasonal affective disorder (SAD). They say they work pretty well but I’ve never tried one.

If none of these work, it could just be that the Patriots are going back to the Super Bowl...again. *sigh*.



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