Billy Squier is about to collect a fresh round of mailbox money thanks to Eminem.

As he did in 2013, the Detroit rapper has reached into Squier's catalog to sample a riff for one of his new songs -- only instead of falling back on Squier's signature 1981 hit 'The Stroke,' which was his sample of choice for last year's 'Berzerk,' Eminem has instead opted for a slightly less well-known single, drawing on 'Stroke''s follow-up 'My Kinda Lover.'

Both tracks were originally released as part of Squier's 1981 solo album 'Don't Say No,' a massive quadruple-platinum, Top 5 hit. Returning to the same LP might seem like kind of an odd choice for Eminem, but it's purely intentional -- as he raps in the new song, 'Shady XV,' "Know you really tired of me sampling Billy Squier / But classic rock acid rap is the genre / Got Slash on guitar, splash of Bizarre, Thrasher and Aerosmith / And I'm a spectacular archer."

'Shady XV' is the title track from a double-disc compilation, released earlier this week, that celebrates 15 years of Eminem's label, Shady Records. In addition to a handful of new songs featuring or recorded by Eminem, it spotlights additional previously unreleased material from other Shady artists, and adds a second CD collecting some of the label's biggest hits.

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