Elton John was in the house the other night at Capitol Studios in Hollywood to play five songs off his forthcoming album, The Diving Board, which was produced by T-Bone Burnett.

Originally scheduled for release early last year and then again in February, it will now be out in September on Capitol Records. At the Q&A after the playback, Elton said, "I wanted at 66 years of age to make records that I think befits a person of my age. Like Modern Times by Bob Dylan. When I heard that record I went, 'My God, this record could have been made any time in the last 50 years!' It's brilliant and I want to try to make records as good as that. And [Dylan] is the person that we look up to. He's the person that we aspire to be as artists because he's always changing, he's always mercurial, he's always like a chameleon. And his quality control is pretty damn good."

Elton starts a 13-night run in Las Vegas on Saturday as part of his Million Dollar Piano residency.

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