Duck Dynasty is one of TV's most popular series. The show was initially intended to be an extension of their very popular hunting video series. But when crews arrived in Louisiana to begin shooting, they found the Robertson clan to be much more than what had been depicted on the videos. They found a tight knit family led by Phil and Kay and their sons Willie, Jase and Jep. But the boys have an older brother named Alan who hasn't been seen oor even mentioned on the series. Until now.

This August when the next season begins, Alan Robertson will join the show, but there's something 'different' about Alan as you can see in the picture! Anyone else think 'Marilyn from the Munsters'?

Alan is a 47-year old preacher in Louisiana who feels it's OK to join the show since his kids are grown and it won't be an invasion of their privacy. Duck Dynasty's 9.6 million viewers won't hurt either, when it comes to getting his message out either.

Get ready for more of the Robertson clan to be out there this fall. In addition to their Duck Commander and Buck Commander business, many in the family have books out (or will soon), there are sunglasses, t-shirts, bumper stickers, and in November: a Christmas album.

Fear the beards!