I admit it. I'm part of the Duck Nation. Sarah got me hooked on the wacky Robertson clan from Louisiana and their duck call making business and with the new season finally here, we've got the DVR already set. But is reality TV making people believe that the stars are capable of running the country now?

The Washington Examiner reported that Republican strategists are interested in recruiting Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson to run for an open congressional seat in Louisiana. GOP Rep. Rodney Alexander announced his retirement from Congress last week, citing frustration with Washington gridlock, and a special election is being held on October 19th to fill his seat. But it remains to be seen if the 41-year-old reality TV star would be interested in making a congressional run. When asked about it Tuesday by FoxNews.com, Robertson said, "I'm kinda busy right now. " The House seat serves Louisiana's 5th District, which includes the city of Monroe, headquarters for the Robertson-led Duck Commander and Buck Commander hunting and game call companies.

It's well known that Willie went to an Ivy League school and is a VERY smart businessman, helping the companies his father Phil founded become household names and worth millions and millions of dollars, but is he ready for Congress? To quote uncle Si. Nah.

Duck Dynasty airs Wednesday nights on A&E.