The dust has barely settled from 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson's suspension and reinstatement to the hit A&E TV reality show over homophobic statements made in a magazine interview when a video surfaces showing him advising to marry 15-year old girls.

The video is from a 2009 Christian retreat that has the now 67-year old Duck Commander talking about finding a mate and to make sure she can cook and carries a bible. But he says the problem is that men wait until women are 20-years old to marry when "the only picking going on will be your pockets. You got to marry these girls when they're 15, 16 years old. They'll pick your ducks for you". Robertson married his wife Kay when she was 16.

In the GQ magazine interview, Robertson got into hot water by likening homosexuality to bestiality and said that he felt African Americans were happy before the civil rights era.

The video is below. The question is, is this a witch hunt against someone who has become very rich and popular? Is he a role model? Bottom line: we live in a very strange time of social media and reality TV stars.