The new year ushers in a brand-new list of contenders for the Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle, with a record 37 entrants in 2024.

The latest to hit my taste buds is the A Damn ‘Gouda’ Burger from TommyJack’s Pub.

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A Damn ‘Gouda’ Burger - TommyJack's Pub
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It's billed as:

'Hand-crafted 1/4 lb. patty served on a toasted Breadsmith bun with Smoked Gouda Cheese, Spicy Pickles, and signature Special Sauce.'

The first things you'll notice are both related to size.

It's obvious at first glance that this is one of the smaller burgers featured on the battle this year, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

One benefit of the size is the cheaper price. TommyJack's burger is going for about half of what most of the rest of the field is charging.

So how does it taste? Not bad.

This straightforward burger has lots of cheesy goodness, although the jury seems to be out on the spiciness of the pickles. I didn't find them hot at all, while others have commented on the added kick.

SCORECARD (Out of 5):

• Flavor: 4
• Patty: 4
• Toppings: 3
• Bun: 3
• Presentation: 3

You have until January 31 to sample as many of the 37 burgers as you can.

After you've polished one (or more) off, don't forget to download the official app downtown – The DTSF Digital Passport - to cast your votes on each burger.

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