I knew a 4-hour fall road trip was in order upon hearing that the Doobie Brothers were playing at the Treasure Island Casino in Minnesota over the weekend. We had a little concern about the rain showers on our way to Welsh but - as if on cue - the rain stopped just as the Doobie Brothers took to the gigantic outdoor stage. It was as if the good Lord said, "You play 'Jesus is Just Alright With Me' and I'll make the showers go away."

He did.

The show opened with Michael McDonald with a soulful opening on the piano just as the rain let up and moved out.

One of the highlights of the concert was undoubtedly the musical showdown with Michael McDonald on the keyboard and saxophonist Marc Russo on a 4-minute intro to 'Takin' It to the Streets.' McDonald joined the Doobie Brothers for their famed 50th-anniversary tour but had to sit out due to COVID at the Minnesota State Fair last summer. The 8,500 fans welcomed him back with standing ovations and loud cheers throughout the 2-hour and 10-minute show.

Tom Johnston's vocals were on point and Pat Simmons was brilliant. Multi-instrumentalist John McFee added vocals and awe-inspiring musicianship.

Along with the classics that brought the Doobie Brothers to stardom, were a few deeper cuts such as 'Clear As the Driven Snow' - one of my personal favorites of the night. They also included a few songs from their latest studio album 'Liberte.'

Doobie Brothers at Minnesota's Treasure Island Casino on September 16, 2022

Although they still celebrated their 50th Anniversary tour, Simmons pointed out that it was closer to 53 and noted, "It's great to be back here on our 50ish anniversary tour" referring to the uncertainty of touring during the COVID pandemic.

Overall, the Doobie Brothers sounded absolutely amazing. The background vocals and the percussion blended in nicely to deliver the energetic 70s sound that we came to hear.

On a side note, my buddy Scott Smith procured the tickets and wanted to celebrate his upcoming 60th birthday in a big way. It was well worth the trip and won't soon be forgotten.

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