Good news – when the zombie apocalypse comes, South Dakota has the 8th best city in the country best suited to help us survive. So pack your bags, we all have to move to Vermillion!

In fact, the home of the University of South Dakota pulled an impressive "zombie score" of 92.0!

The cities that scored the highest had an abundance of hardware stores, sources of water, grocery stores or crop farms. Resources, defense, and demographics also played a part. But Vermillion also has a friggin' dome - so that's gotta be good.

Lucky for us, the good folks at Find the Home, crunched those numbers.

Check out he cool interactive maps and more places to hide out in case of a zombie apocalypse!

In other zombie-related news, researchers wanted to find out exactly how long humans would actually last in a zombie apocalypse. Oh my they know something we don't?!?

According to ForbesScientists at the prestigious Leicester University in England have calculated that it would take just six months for a zombie virus to infect every single person on Earth.

Even more disturbing, they believe that by day 100, the surviving population would be roughly 100 to 200 people!

I feel confident I'd be one of the last remaining. I bought a handy-dandy "Zombie stun-gun" from Amazon last month. And a flash light. So I'm good.

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