Sioux Falls has landed in the top 100 best cities for surviving a zombie invasion. Using metrics such as population, water sources, hideouts, infrastructure, and supplies, LawnLove crunched the numbers and scored Sioux Falls at #92. Not a bad score in case the undead come sauntering up Phillips Avenue.

Author's side-note: The Sioux Falls Zombie Walk is on Saturday, October 28, 2023 downtown. The parade of the undead begins at 4:00 PM at 8th and Railroad Center but make-up artists and other preparations happen all afternoon. [poster below] Make sure to give grandma the head up on this so she doesn't nail a zombie with her walker exiting Duluth Trading Company.

Houston, TX. scored the #1 position and if you're in Las Vegas, be prepared for a long and deadly night. Sin City ranked last.

Oh, and we're gonna need a crossbow - Daryl's weapon of choice in the 'Walking Dead.' Luckily, South Dakota has a good number of hunting gear stores such as Scheel's, Runnings, Fleet Farm, Cabela's, and ACE Hardware.

In other zombie-related news, researchers wanted to find out exactly how long humans would actually last in a zombie apocalypse. Oh my they know something we don't?!?

According to Forbes, Scientists at the prestigious Leicester University in England have calculated that it would take just six months for a zombie virus to infect every single person on Earth.

Even more disturbing, they believe that by day 100, the surviving population would be roughly 100 to 200 people!

I feel confident I'd be one of the last remaining. I bought a handy-dandy "Zombie stun-gun" from Amazon last month. And a flashlight. So I'm good.

Sioux Falls Zombie Walk 2023
Sioux Falls Zombie Walk 2023

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