I recently got into a discussion with a friend about Froot Loops, the cereal. She claims all the O's are the same flavor. I argued they're different.

I always thought that the green O's tasted like lime, the orange like orange, purple like grape, yellow like lemon and red like cherry.

So, who's right? Turns out my friend is.

I went to the website The Straight Dope and sadly discovered I've been living a lie all these years. Froot Loops are all the same flavor.

I even went to the website Foodbeast to see if maybe The Straight Dope had it wrong. Nope - all the same.


According to Kellogg's it's officially a "fruit blend flavor."

So, now I get to call up my friend and chew on those words that no one likes to say - "You were right and I was wrong."

Okay, I'll give in when it comes to Froot Loops, but she better not try to make the same claim about Fruity Pebbles.

What? They too are all the same flavor. DARN IT!!!

Source: The Straight Dope and Foodbeast

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