My mind has been BLOWN! Froot Loops, you've turned my life upside down! Thanks for nothing! And I thought we had something special. You were my favorite.

For years I've been led to believe that each of the different colors of Froot Loops were a different flavor - now I find out they're not. You lied to me Kellogg's!

I just ran across an article in Time Magazine from 2014 that stated that all Froot Loops are the same flavor. And I'm just now hearing about it?

You're telling me green doesn't taste like lime, or orangeike orange, or purple like grapes, or red like strawberries, or yellow like lemons? My God!!! What kind of sham have you been running all these years?

Now that I think about it, though, I have always wondered why "Fruit" was spelled "Froot."

Turns out it's all been a funny little mind-game that you've been playing on me all these years - since I was a young child and tasted my first bowl of delicious fruity flavor.

Apparently, "Froot", according to Wikipedia, actually means "a blend of fruit flavors." And it gets worse. Trix and Fruity Pebbles yielded similar results. Is nothing sacred?

I'm done. I guess it's time to switch over to my second favorite cereal, Cap'n Crunch - a cereal I KNOW is made by a real-life Captain. WAIT - WHAT?

Source: Time Magazine

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