For a fleeting moment last week (July 3), South Dakota was the epicenter of the media universe as President Donald Trump came to the state for an Independence Weekend celebration at Mount Rushmore.

But about the time you thought that just about every angle of the President's visit had been written or talked about, comes a bizarre angle from one national website.

The takeaway from Insider on all of the goings-on in the Black Hills last weekend - Mount Rushmore is 'disappointing'.

No this wasn't a political commentary on Native American land rights or on the backgrounds of the four men carved into what was once known as 'The Six Grandfathers', 'Cougar Mountain', 'Sugarloaf Mountain', Slaughterhouse Mountain, and 'Keystone Cliffs'. It was something far more trivial.

So what's the big beef? Insider is whining that the great faces that have been towering over the Black Hills since 1941 are much smaller in person than they appear in photographs.

I kid you not.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial
Getty Images

Some unnamed author spent 481 words complaining that 'when viewing the monument from the observation deck, it's difficult to make out details in the faces'.

After reading that, I immediately pictured the granite eyes of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln rolling back into their 60-foot tall heads.

And as if to add insult to injury, this poor writer (who apparently is blissfully unaware of zoom lenses on cameras) was put out by the Grand View Terrace being 700 feet away from the monument. Even the stroll along the Presidential Trail, which gets you 400 feet closer wasn't enough.

'Washington's mouth is 18 feet across, and it's difficult to make out in this photo'.

I guess this person wasn't going to be truly satisfied unless they could look right up George's 21-foot nose.

Oh, and while we're disappointing people - SPOILER ALERT - despite what they show in National Treasure: Book of Secrets, there is no hidden cave in the Black Hills containing the legendary Native American city of gold, Cíbola.

I can't wait for Insider's scathing review of the Grand Canyon being nothing more than a big hole in the ground.


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