Sioux Falls Mayor TenHaken has a unique way of connecting with residents throughout the city. He especially reaches younger Sioux Falls residents by maintaining a connection to pop culture and interacting on social media.

Social media has been a key platform for Mayor TenHaken, especially Facebook. He likes to showcase events happening in Sioux Falls. He even posts photos and videos of people hanging out in the city. Including celebrities like...Tom Cruise!?

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So was Mayor Paul TenHaken hanging out with big-time Hollywood star Tom Cruise? Well, sadly no. However, he was "riding" on the back of Tom's motorcycle from Top Gun. Mayor TenHaken was channeling his inner Maverick!

I don't know where or how Mayor TenHaken gets these brilliant video ideas. But they are fun to watch!

The latest Facebook post from Mayor TenHaken shows him peeking from behind Tom Cruise as Top Gun's Maverick. The video was posted on Mayor TenHaken's Facebook page on Friday. Needless to say, he was pretty excited about the weekend in Sioux Falls! The Mayor also gave his ringing endorsement to see the new Top Gun movie currently showing in theaters across the country!

Who knows? Maybe after seeing this fun video promoting Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise will make an appearance in the Sioux Empire!

It's certainly refreshing to be able to enjoy movies again in the theater. No matter how much movie tickets and buttered popcorn cost, nothing beats watching a movie on the big screen!


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