There aren't too may experiences on the planet like a stroll down Main Street in Deadwood. Tucked away in the a corner of the Northern Black Hills, it's like stepping into a time machine each and every time you visit.

Now, Thrillist is recognizing Deadwood for its overall look. It's on the website's list of the 11 'Small American Towns with the Coolest Architecture'.

So why does Thrill think makes Deadwood so deserving?

...once upon a time this was very much the Wild West, a lawless gold-rush town that has retained much of its 19th-century character thanks to preservation efforts that have faithfully restored over 80 gaming halls, inns, and stores from the late 1800s that are in uniquely American West architecture styles.

The best part about Deadwood? We're not just talking one of two historic buildings. The entire Deadwood Historic District is a National Historic Landmark District.

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