Perhaps the following has happened to you. You're on the road and lost your wallet or purse. It’s a sick feeling. Recently, my three kids and I were in Omaha for soccer tournaments and that’s exactly what happened. On a particularly hot day, I went to the concessions and realized that my wallet was no longer in my pocket.

We searched the area, literally tore the Jeep apart, and then called my wife back home who was working. I told her the kids and I were running out of options and if we couldn’t find it to be on standby to help call the credit card and local bank to freeze the accounts in case they fell into the wrong hands.

We kept our cool and realized the last place we had it was at a grocery store on W. Maple St. on Omaha's westside. I also figured when I took my keys out of my pocket the wallet fell out. We found the grocery store and searched the parking lot to no avail.
I said, "Kids, we got one more shot." We went into the store's customer service department and asked if somebody had found a wallet. The clerk held up my wallet and said, “This one?“

Perhaps you’ve been in those shoes when complete relief washes over you. I had him check the ID to make sure that I was the owner and was amazed that all the cash and credit cards were still in their place. Nothing had been taken. Instead, one of the world's good Samaritans found in the parking lot and turned it in. I asked if they left a name or a phone number so I could call and thank them but they didn’t.

There are still good people in this world. What makes this better is that three weeks before this happened my son and I were in a local ice cream shop. When a girl from a nearby table got up to leave I noticed that her bank card had fallen between the cushions of the chair. I picked up the card and as she was getting in her car I said, “Miss? Is this yours?”

“Yes! Oh, thank God!” She exclaimed.

My son remarked that it’s a good thing we are nice people and returned it to her. Some people aren’t that nice. I agreed and told him that "good is always rewarded with good" and someday, somebody might do the same for us.

Even though it was nearly 200 miles away, that bit of good was repaid. So, thank you to whoever turned it in. I have no doubt that someday that act of kindness will be returned when you most need it.


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