When I think of kids at Christmas time, I think of toys. That's what Christmas is all about for children, finding new toys under the tree.

I remember being a child at Christmas season and looking thru the Christmas catalogues that came in the mail. It was page after page of toys. I think that's when I first dreamed of being a millionaire.

Out in the real world of course are toy companies ready to capitalize on the situation. Every year there are the hot new toys that everybody wants.

The demand for these toys is strategically marketed in various ways. Sometimes the popularity ties into a major film in theaters. A great example of that would be toys associated with the Star Wars movies.

This year, there's a toy from Black Panther, but it's not expected to do very well according to the advocacy group World Against Toys Causing Harm. This is a toy that parents may look at and say, "No thanks, I'm not interested in dangerous toys!"

It's called the Marvel Black Panther Slash Claw. Toy maker Hasbro says it will make children as young as five  "ready to pounce!" They also say it's unsafe to hit or swing at people. This is currently being deemed as the worst toy of 2018.

Not to mention a plastic fruit-cutting set for kids age 2 and up that includes a plastic "slicing knife" that can cause "puncture wounds and other blunt trauma injuries."

You've heard of batteries not included. Now we should say that Band Aids are not included.

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