Another stupid 'challenge' is taking over social media and medical experts say this one could be fatal.

The 'skull breaker challenge' found on the video app TikTok sounds exactly like what it is intended to do.

At first, the challenge seems harmless, but it quickly turns into a cruel prank that leads to dangerous consequences, according to Dakota News Now.

The skull breaker challenge involves three people standing side by side with the victim in the middle unaware of what the challenge entails.  The victim is told they are doing a jumping competition to see who can jump the highest.

However, when they jump, their feet are kicked out from under them by the two other people. This causes the person to fall backward often getting hurt.

Jennifer Pottorff from Sioux City spoke with Dakota News Now about this dangerous prank after her 6th-grade daughter was hurt doing the skull breaker challenge in PE class.

"They kicked her feet out from under her and she landed on her arm. Everyone in the room was laughing, so my daughter kind of giggled and realized she couldn’t move her arm,” said Pottorff.

Pottorff's daughter ended up breaking her humerus and elbow.

“She may never fully have mobility in her hand or arm or anything,” said Pottorff.

Doctors warn the skull breaker challenge could cause injuries to the head, neck, wrist or worse.

"Could be either irreversible damage or fatal if this happens, if someone falls down and happens to break their skull, get a concussion,” said Dr. Kara Bruning, an Avera Pediatrician.

Pottorff suggests parents stay up to date on social media trends and educate their children on the dangers that these types of challenges present.

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