I am apparently late to the party on this one.  A family of 8 siblings has been putting together holiday dances and sharing them online for the past 5 years. I was not aware of them until this year's epicness!

All eight siblings are wearing their mother's holiday sweaters. How cute?!

Also, they worked in some of this year's hottest trends like The Mannequin Challenge and JuJu on That Beat.

The songs are from Pentatonix and Mariah Carey, but the moves are all theirs.

My favorite things about this video:

1. The penguin in a Santa hat sweater.

2. The random living room parkour stunt.

3. The parents getting in on the action at the end!

Most of the time I'm happy with only having one brother, but right now I wish I had more siblings to make a video like this happen.

If you'd like to get caught up and watch all five of this family's dance videos checkout slamminammon on YouTube.


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