There has been plenty of good news lately when it comes to the rolling out of the COVID-19 vaccination across the United States, where 150 million doses have already been distributed and every adult in the country is now expected to be eligible for their shots beginning April 19.

But some of that positivity is being dampened by the inevitable - scammers trying to take advantage of people during times of crisis.

The FBI, U.S Department of Justice, and Better Business Bureau are all reporting an uptick in online activity by scammers posting bogus vaccine surveys, while others are attempting to sell fake vaccine cards.

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In some cases, people are receiving e-mails or text messages asking them to share their post-vaccination experiences as part of a survey, sometimes in exchange for cash or prizes. In reality, there is no survey, only an opportunity for scammers to access personal information.

There have also been instances of messages attempting to sell vaccine 'reservations', which don't exist since the shots are administered at no cost. These so-called ' vaccine hunter' websites are also offering to match people with leftover vaccines in their area.

Your vaccine cards are also being targeted.

Scammers are using images that people are posting online of their cards to create fake ones which are being sold on eBay and TikTok.

The personal information displayed on those cards is also being stolen.

Officials say if you want to share a post-vaccine selfie to social media, leave your card out of the photo.

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