For years, we've heard the same statistics over and over again - our homes are some of the most dangerous places out there.

The most recent numbers bear that out. confirms that falls, poisoning, suffocation, and drowning are the leading at-home injuries, oftentimes ending in fatalities.

It makes sense that the one place where we spend a considerable amount of our time would be the source of so many things that can do us bodily harm.

Now in the 'new normal' of COVID-19, more and more of us are cooped up inside our homes for even longer stretches of time and that's leading to an uptick in one very specific type of at-home injury.

The Washington Post is reporting that more and more doctors are seeing patients with broken toes, with one orthopedic surgeon in Maryland calling it a 'pandemic' of its very own.

Medical experts point to two main causes behind the upswing in busted toes.

First, a good number of people who are working from home during the pandemic are either not wearing traditional shoes, which offer some protection against injury, or are not wearing shoes at all.

We all know from our own homes that there are several places that our toes seem to gravitate towards - like bed frames, coffee tables, and kids' toys.

The other COVID-related factor contributing to the broken toe pandemic is the increased amount of day drinking around the house. That leads to a whole host of complications from stubbing toes to dropping heavy objects on said appendages.

And while you can't cut back on your at-home time these days, you can reduce your risk of toe damage by keeping that day drinking in check and throwing on a decent pair of shoes, even if you only going from the kitchen to the living room.

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