For a lot of us, the COVID-19 pandemic provided an abundance of free time - whether we wanted it or not.

And while some people have passed the time binge-watching TV shows and binge-eating mini donuts, others have been much more productive with their downtime.

Case in point - Orlando, Florida-based comedian Ben Brainard, who like just about every other stand-up comedian in the country, saw his livelihood taken away by coronavirus after comedy clubs shuttered all over America last year.

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But rather than become a couch potato, Ben decided to utilize the one thing he still had access to - social media - to continue to infuse some laughter in a very somber situation.

In the midst of the pandemic last summer, he launched what he called 'The Table' sketch series on TikTok. The premise was simple - 50 different perspectives from each of the 50 states illustrating what makes them unique and how they were impacted by COVID.

He even takes his best shot at doing an impression of the accent from each state all while dressing the part.

For South Dakota, he hit on a wide range of Mount Rushmore-related topics, starting with our rivalry with North Dakota and our much-publicized, and much-maligned, 'Meth. We're On It' campaign.

Over the course of four minutes and 30 seconds, he also battles with Florida over the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally versus Daytona Bike Week, insults Louisiana with our extremely non-French pronunciation of the word 'Pierre', and even offers up a well-known tourist destination as the go-to place for all COVID related things.

Here's the complete video on YouTube:

I don't know how much he knew about South Dakota before this project, but I think he nailed it.

But please tell me we don't sound that annoying...

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