Nothing frustrates me more than seeing a toddler bouncing around freely in the front or back seat of a moving car. Just what the hell are these so-called adults thinking? Obviously, they have a huge bubble between their ears because any sensible adult would have that child secured in a safety seat or belted in. Mom & dad, start acting like responsible parents.

To ensure that your kids are properly secured in a child safety seat the South Dakota Department of Social Services (DSS) has made available to the public guidelines for all parents to follow. And in many cases provide child safety seats at no cost to families. According to the DSS, there are certain income eligibility requirements as well as those who have children with special needs.

“Keeping children safe is always a top priority for DSS and that includes when they’re traveling in a car or truck,” said DSS Cabinet Secretary Laurie Gill. “Having a child in the best car seat is critical to their safety and that’s why this program is so important.”

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What you need to know right off is that in South Dakota all occupants of a vehicle 17 years of age and under must be buckled up. If the child is under five years of age and under 40 pounds are required to use an approved child safety seat in all seating positions.

A list of the current guidelines and South Dakota law is easily found on the DSS site.

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