Green Day are between albums at the moment, enjoying a little downtime after putting out Revolution Radio in 2016 and following it with the best-of compilation God's Favorite Band the following year. The lull has evidently left frontman Billie Joe Armstrong restless enough to pursue a new side project.

Armstrong has been teasing that project, which has apparently been dubbed the Longshot, with a small flurry of Instagram posts. The quick clips he's uploaded don't give much of anything away, mostly suggesting that the music will reflect a day-glo, ripped and scribbled punk aesthetic — but the posts also point to a Longshot Instagram account whose profile promises that the act's debut album, titled Love Is for Losers, is "coming eventually sooner or later. Probably sooner."

The Longshot is just the latest way Armstrong has kept himself busy while his better-known band is on pause. Recently, he and bandmate Mike Dirnt joined together with three other fellow Green Day vets — touring guitarist Jason White, audio engineer Chris Dugan and tour manager Bill Schneider — to form the aptly named cover band the Coverups, spotted in late March at a 100-capacity venue in San Francisco for a set that included a guest appearance by Green Day drummer Tre Cool. Whatever is happening with Armstrong's side project, in other words, fans shouldn't feel like they need to worry about this turning into any kind of permanent break — this is all just part of the group's rich history of keeping things fresh by finding different stuff to do.

Details regarding Love Is for Losers should be revealed shortly; in the meantime, look over Armstrong's Instagram posts for clues.


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