The Harry and The Henderson's movie made me want to believe when I was a kid. For South Dakota Bigfoot fans there is a group for you!

I was talking TV shows with a friend of mine and he asked me if I had ever seen the episode of Million Dollar Man when he fought Bigfoot.

I hadn't seen the show, but I've seen plenty of Bigfoot stuff over the years to make me interested in the Facebook group he told me to check out.

Since I was wearing a Bigfoot t-shirt my friend asked if I had checked out the Bigfoot  SOUTH Dakota Facebook page.

I hadn't heard of the page when he asked, but spent plenty of time cruising the page once I got a chance.

I felt it was worth passing along to fellow Sasquatch lovers. I've never gone on a Bigfoot search through the woods and more than likely never will. But I will always be a Google search away from checking in on the big guy whenever I get a chance.

If you would like to nerd out for a bit you can check out their Facebook page here.

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