You don't have to look very far to see evidence of a major shift in the way we do business these days.

Due to staffing shortages and advanced technology, more and more companies are replacing their human employees with self-serve options.

Whether it's a mobile app that allows you to order without the assistance of a store employee or the opportunity to utilize a self-checkout lane when it's time to pay, the amount of human interaction we have when we shop is dwindling.

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Retail giant Costco is no exception.

The Issaquah, Washington-based retail giant, with 855 locations worldwide, is already giving members self-checkout lanes and the ability to self-order food court items from a touchscreen.

Now the human touch is being phased out from one of Costco's most iconic features.

The Takeout is reporting that the company is now introducing self-serve kiosks in place of human sample reps to distribute the fan-favorite freebies. For now, the first machines are pretty basic, distributing pre-packaged sample items. At this point, the new kiosks aren't capable of providing samples of food prepared in the store.

Costco isn't commenting on the story and has given no indication as to whether people will lose their jobs due to this change.

This raises an interesting fact. Did you know that the folks handing out samples at your local warehouse don't work for Costco? They’re employed by a company called Club Demonstration Services.

Now you know.


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