I don't have to remind you that time is running out for getting a Mother's Day gift. Please don't choose the present on the run.

Instead, sit down and come up with a good plan. Give Mom something that she will really love.

As I'm Googling around this morning I'm seeing lots of lists of the best and worst gifts for moms.

Here are a few that always make the worst list:

  1. Gym Membership
  2. Cash
  3. Vacuum
  4. Cutting Board

Here's some advice for you. Ask other Moms for help. Several Moms can't be wrong.

I talked with some Moms and asked them what's the best and worst gift they could get. Here's what I learned.

Sonia told me the best thing she could get would be some time with her daughter because she never gets to see her anymore.

I talked with Debbie and she said, "The best present I could get for Mother's day would be dinner with my daughters." I asked what the worst gift could be, and she replied, "Please, no vacuum cleaner!"

Visiting with Jane, I learned the best choices were jewelry or a massage. The most interesting answer of all came when I asked her the worst present a Mom could get.

She told me very seriously, "The worst present any Mom could ever get would be getting nothing."

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