There were a zillion of us Baby Boomers. Now, through they years we may have lost a few so there's only almost a zillion of us left. You see, when all our boys came back from World War Two, they married their sweethearts and before you know it...Bingo!...we were born.

How to tell if you might be a Baby Boomer (Other then the fact we are pretty much defined as being born between about 1946 and 1964)? Well, one sure way is to talk about telephones.

No, not smart phones, not mobile devices, not iThis or iThat.... telephones.

If you remember what a dial tone sounded like, well, you may well be one of us Baby Boomers. And if you ever walked by a pay phone and just had to check the slot, yes, us Baby Boomers did that quite often.

If your home was part of a 'party line', yessir, you are a proud Baby Boomer. We were on an 8-party line. It was kind of like the internet, only a lot smaller. But otherwise like the internet, you know, some truth, some gossip and a splattering of BS.

If you were ever told 'When you get there call us collect', well that was a very Baby Boomer thing to hear and was advice from our parents, the 'Greatest Generation'.

But the one telephone thing I remember most was, if you're going to make a long distance call, for goodness sake, do it after 7:00 PM, it's cheaper!

Why was it cheaper? I'm not sure, but dad and mom said it was, so it was. If they had to call Uncle Anthony in California, or I wanted to call cousin Brian in St. James, do it after 7:00 PM and save some bucks...or maybe cents. And of course there was no direct-dial, you'd go through the operators like those pictured above. Yes kids, those ladies are called operators, and yes kids, it seemed like the operator was always a lady.

Turns out us baby boomers aren't the young pups we used to be. Now there's a couple-three new generations after us, X's and Z's and probably other letters, too. It will be interesting what my Gandkids will tell their Grandkids about 'the old days' of their lives.




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