Ahhh, summertime. Memorial Day is in the rear view mirror and here comes summer. And summer vacation.

It's great to 'get away from it all' and take a few days or more to relax. Head out to here or there or anywhere. Hop in the vehicle and hit the open road.

OK, put the brakes on just a minute. I have a confession to make.

I've reached that age. And yes, I mean 'that age'. The age where, motoring down the highway, I stiffen up. I tilt and wiggle, move around best I can trying to get comfortable. And get that little pain, that little twinge in the back. It's starting to take fewer and fewer miles to pull on over, or stop in a town, and get out to...stretch. Move around. And sure, take a bathroom break. Limber up a little, then back in the car and back at it.

Which is why I read a good article on Spine-Health about tips to alleviate that back ache you get when you're on the road.

There's 7 tips in all, and they all seem pretty simple but (hopefully) effective. Things like just making doggone sure you're nice and comfy at the start. Bringing along a cold pack. AND bringing along a heating pad that you can plug into your dashboard powering device. And one they talk about is supporting your back with your feet.

Read the entire article here and have a safe and fun summer vacation. Oh, and those fidgety and loud kids in the back seat (Are we there yet? Are we there yet?).

Well, that's another kind of pain in the neck you'll have to take care of.

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