You are lucky if you've never had to change a tire along a desolate road. But just imagine, getting a flat tire and realizing - there is no spare tire in your car.

I was astonished to learn that nearly 30% of new vehicles sold today do not have a spare tire! According to AAA, automakers want a lighter ride so they can boast better fuel mileage.

If those numbers match up, there are more than 30 million vehicles on the road today without a spare tire.

So what if you get a flat? Tech to the rescue, if you have a smart phone. Your roadside assistance app should be able to detect your location to within 300 feet in most cases with a emergence button for assistance. Even the standard flip phone will be able to dial 911 (which is not recommended if your'e okay and in a safe location) or a roadside service such as AAA.

Some phone plans even come with a roadside plan for a few buck a month.

Some new vehicles sold come with an emergency tire inflation kit - which may help for smaller leaks. Other vehicles come with "run-flat" tires, allowing the driver to to find a service station at a speed not recommended over 50 mph. Another solution would be an aerosol seal kit. These can be purchased for around $10 and don't take much room in the trunk.

An investigative team from ABC News in Florida recently had shoppers at a local mall  open their trunks to check the spare. Many motorists were shocked to realize they didn't have one.

It's important to know if there's a spare in the trunk, and go over the tire-changing steps with young drivers.

Still a good skill to know.

Meanwhile: Jeep owner's are like "What's a trunk?"

Danny V
Danny V

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