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Nearly 50 years ago, the iconic rock band Queen released a song about the strong emotional connection that we have with our vehicles.

'I'm In Love With My Car' wasn't a big hit for the Rock & Roll Hall of Famers, but it did resonate with people everywhere who look at their automobiles as something much more than just a collection of metal and rubber.

Now all of these years later there's a new survey out that demonstrates the ongoing love we have with our primary mode of transportation.

OnePoll on behalf of Carvana, found that nearly half of us (46%) take our relationship with our cars to a whole new level by actually naming our vehicles like they are a member of our family.

The three most popular names:

  • Bluebell (14%)
  • Black Beauty (13%)
  • Baby (12%)

What have you named your vehicles?

Best Looking State Patrol Cars In (Almost) Every State

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