What's a vinyl copy of Sergeant Pepper signed by all four Beatles worth? As of last Thursday, $175,000.

According to Examiner.com, that's what an original British Parlophone pressing -- with the signatures of John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr from a ballpoint pen and George Harrison in felt-tip went for at RRAuction.com.

The source was a porter at the Atlantic Hotel in Newquay, where the Beatles stayed September 12th, 1967, while filming Magical Mystery Tour. The auction house had an authentication letter with the LP noting that the worker snuck the album into the hotel -- against his boss' order. "The Beatles didn’t seem to mind anyway as they signed a few items for staff and guests. I remember having to get George’s at a later day, as he wasn’t present when Paul, Ringo, and John signed.”