The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) made an announcement Monday that we’ll need to add ‘605’ to all South Dakota phone numbers soon. That means you’ll probably need to go through your contacts soon and make sure the ‘605’ prefix is in all South Dakota numbers if it’s not in there already. I noticed a few contacts on my phone that only had the 7-digit number.

According to Dakota News Now, the movie is being made to establish a 3-digit suicide hotline number, which is 9-8-8. That number will be direct to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

We still have enough time to make all contacts in our phones to 10-digit numbers as the changes will probably not take place until October 24, but could go into July of 2022.

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The PUC is advising people to start using 10-digit dialing (605 area code + phone number) ahead of the transition to avoid problems later.

I’m going to use this time to actually memorize the phone numbers in our family. Cell phones made it too easy to not have to remember a number…just a name.

By the way, South Dakota is not the only state required to make the change as 36 other states will have to adjust as well.

Growing up in a small town we had only to remember a 6-digit number. We dialed a ‘6’ and then the 4-digit number. That’s it. We remembered everybody’s number and if we forgot we pulled out the phone book which had the names, addresses, and numbers of everybody in town. That little fact still blows my kids away.

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