This morning Tasha and I were talking about things that happen at work that lead to new rules. Over ten years ago we were all forced to eat lunch in the basement and not at our desks after messes and smells became an occasional problem.

We asked listeners in and around Sioux Falls to chime in and here are some of the responses over text and Twitter:

  • I walked into work at a restaurant one day and a manager had written on the white board "any employee caught smoking marijuana in the party room after their shift will be immediately terminated." So I guess I didn't even know that this wasn't a rule at one point.
  • Microwave popcorn got outlawed at a hospital I worked at after someone burned a bag so badly that the fire department showed up.
  • No more leggings. I'm sure you can imagine why.
  • People who don't wear their work shirts now have to do dishes 2 days in a row. Doesn't bother me because I always wear mine but might get out of dishes once in a while
  • Back home, I worked in factory and with a few ex cons. They made I rule to stop giving the girls makeshift shivs. I still have mine lol
  • Can't play football in the warehouse anymore because we broke a light so now we have to play outside
  • Our cafeteria is on the corporate side of the building and we are banned from eating lunch over there because we don't dress like them. We wear jeans (1 day a week) and they don't want to see that on their side.
  • Dyed my hair dark purple once at previous job, and in two days it upsettingly washed out to pink. Coincidentally several girls at work asked me about it, then did the same thing within days. So then they created a natural hair color only rule for all employees.
  • We have 2 fridges at work and HR states one is for food and one for drinks and if u put food in the drink one u actually get in trouble, tuff crap if the food fridge is full ur just sol
  • We use to be able to work from home on our office days but an employee got caught mowing and shopping so now we have to go in on those days.
  • No more TRUMP shirts
  • My old company had a leggings policy. When we pressed our boss about it, she said it was because people were tucking their shirts into their leggings and making people uncomfortable.
  • My moms work has gotten rid of "gambling" anything from putting money into a super bowl pool to putting money in for a weight loss program where whoever loses the most weight gets the money. Anything of that nature is no more after someone decided to complain.

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