It’s a dramatic turn in a case involving a Sioux Falls doctor who faced multiple charges including human trafficking. Those charges have been dropped.

Back in early October, 36-year old Jonathan Cohen and a 16-year old girl got into an argument. The girl called police who discovered the details about the relationship.

At that time, Lt. Michael Colwill explained the allegations and the circumstances that led to the doctor being taken into custody.

“The victim was brought to South Dakota in September of 2016 for approximately four days. On that occasion, Mr. Cohen arranged for her flight to come from Georgia to Sioux Falls. She spent approximately four days staying with him at his residence where he provided her with food and a place to stay. The victim stated that during that time she came to South Dakota she was in a sexual relationship with Mr. Cohen.”

It was also discovered that the two had met on a dating site. However, the girl initially stated that she was 20 years old instead of her actual age.

In a statement, Minnehaha County State’s Attorney Aaron McGowan explained the reasons behind the maneuver. The decree also leaves the possibility of reopening the case if necessary.

“The charges against Dr. Jonathan Cohen, stemming from encounters with a 16 year old runaway from Atlanta, Georgia in August and October of 2016, have been dismissed without prejudice. Due to the State’s inability to establish any direct contact with a necessary out-of-state witness, the State was unable to proceed to trial at this time. This continues to be an ongoing investigation and because the charges were dismissed without prejudice, there is a potential for charges to be brought forth again in the future.”

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